Why I Created this Sustainable Success Brand: PASS4LIFE™


When I was going through my archives (consist of notebooks that contains bits of ideas that took me way back when I started on this journey), I came across some ideas I wrote down about how and why I created a Sustainable Success brand called PASS4LIFE™. Though, they were not as concise as it is now. I’ve worked on them for years (i.e. since 2006) to be precise and concise; creating the brand and positioning statements of which you are about to read from this “branded” online platform.

The Journey So Far

Understand this: Behind every glory there is always a story. And the (tip of this) story is that; it is not, rather has it been easy creating something of VALUE alone. Especially when creating it from scratch and with no available brainstorming team behind you. Some days, you are passionate about it. Other days you are not. Some days it will look as if it has become a reality. Other days, you will notice you are still on ground zero, still trying to kick off.

Sometimes you expect others to believe in your vision or join you in the fulfilment of the vision. But only to find out that you are all alone with no support or encouragement from anyone. And that can be discouraging. And I mean, VERY discouraging.

Sometimes you think you’ve identified individuals who are willing to put purpose or mission above profit or money to build the value this idea has with you. But only to find out, that, it is difficult to find such individuals. Though there are such individuals, but they are rare.

Most days, you can’t wait to wake up to work on this great idea you have, that you believe in your heart it will enable you contribute your own quota and make a difference in your world. Other days, you just lost the zeal. You can’t seem to find that passion. You keep asking, “Where did the passion go?” “Where is that zeal?” And you end up finding no answers to these questions. And I tell you, this can be very challenging.

Now, even at that, and with or without the fire (passion) within burning; with or without others believing and WILLING to join in to build the vision; with or without the encouragement from others, it has been a worthy journey so far. You know Rome was built in a day no doubt.

So also is every VALUE/VISION that is worth building. And I must say that, I’ve kept the fire within burning and am still keeping it burning. I kept it burning through consistent reading and learning about others who have embarked on this journey, how they did it and how they differentiated themselves.

I also kept it burning by working on the vision to make it a reality, one brand product/service at a time, on a daily basis. I also kept it burning because of the WHY behind it, of which I’m so passionate about. And it is because of this “why” I want to use this medium (of which I will always give thanks and credit to a friend and a vision partner, who is MAD: Making A Difference in the person of Tito Philips, Jr. of www.naijapreneur.com and www.differentiateonline.net for creating this platform) to share the challenges (which I listed above), my passion and the why I embarked on this journey of creating a Sustainable Success brand: PASS4LIFE™.

And also, to INSPIRE (encourage and motivate) you. Yes! To inspire you to keep that dream alive. To inspire you to keep working at that dream, that vision or that passion you have within. To inspire you to have a belief that, as you pursue the dream, it will definitely come true. And I assure you it will! Just like the saying, “Dreams come true to those who wake up and pursue it!”

Daniel Dipiazza also said, “People will criticize you, overlook you, or belittle you for doing what you love because they don’t understand your WHY.” So, wake up, pursue your dream. And since you understood your WHY behind your dream or vision, do as much as possible to share your WHY by telling the world what difference you intend to make with your vision.

Although, I’ve shared (and I will keep sharing) how I got inspired by this vision (until it becomes a legacy) and if you really want to know how, I published an article on it and you can read about it on My Compelling Story and the Birth of PASS FOR LIFE to understand the beginning of this journey.

One more thing: I decided to publish this article not only to share the challenges and my passion but to create an AWARENESS about what am doing and what I intend to accomplish with this Sustainable Success brand: PASS4LIFE™ and her product brands. Like I said earlier, one cannot create something nor do anything of Real Value alone and you are ALWAYS welcome to be part of this vision!

So, here is the reason…

Why PASS4LIFE Exist?

PASS4LIFE™ is a sustainable success solution enterprise platform that exist to contribute to the development of human potentials and the improvement of human performance of individuals at school, at work and at home; enabling them achieve SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS, not for one time, but for a lifetime.

PASS4LIFE™ exist as a national brand with an international message—SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. Its mission is to enable people achieve sustainable success for life by teaching them how to achieve SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS [become effective and achieve effectiveness™] in life.

PASS4LIFE™ accomplishes this by empowering people, one individual at a time, with SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS teachings and equipping them with SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS tools, enabling them build essential capabilities, become highly capable, achieve breakthrough results and make valuable difference they are capable of making in life.

That is, PASS4LIFE™ exist to help you, as an individual, identify with the natural laws [timeless principles] that govern SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS achievements you seek in life and also help you apply and integrate with resource tools, these natural laws, turning them into principle-centered behaviours [tested practices] that will enable you achieve SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS in ALL areas of your human life!

To achieve all these, PASS4LIFE™ focus on developing “branded” products and services that will enable people achieve sustainable success for life through the design and delivery of relevant contents, resourceful events and reliable support.

In summary, PASS4LIFE™ is a Sustainable Success brand that is all about enabling People Achieve Sustainable Success for Life™ by teaching them how to become effective and achieve effectiveness in life through the offering (designing and delivering) of relevant contents, resourceful events and reliable support.

Your Turn!

Now you’ve read and understand why I created a Sustainable Success brand: PASS4LIFE™, but the question now for you is…

What idea, dream, or vision do you have? Do you understand the “why” behind it? Are you working on it, sharing what you intend to achieve with it? Would you like to be part of a Sustainable Success Vision? Share your views by commenting on the box below.

In summary, PASS4LIFE™ is a Sustainable Success brand that is all about enabling People Achieve Sustainable Success for Life™ by teaching them how to become effective and achieve effectiveness in life through the offering (designing and delivering) of relevant contents, resourceful events and reliable support.


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