Introducing PASS4LIFE’s Whole-Life Development Series


Last year, I published an article on The 6 Critical Whole-Life Skills We Need to Develop in Our Children stating why we need to educate (prepare) our children to become Highly Capable Individuals. Individuals, who can think for themselves, take responsibility, be tolerant and respectful and work with others in creative ways. In fact, individuals who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, value providers, team players, promise keepers and nation builders.

I must confess that this article was the birth of PASS4LIFE’s #TheWholeLifeDevelopment series that I’m so passionate about and I’m also about to introduce (design and deliver) on this platform and later to individuals at school, at work and at home with the purpose of Raising Highly Capable People Everywhere.

About PASS4LIFE’s Whole-Life Development Program

More than ever, our world need exceptional educational resources to help train up the future leaders who will make a BIG positive impact in our world. Reflecting on the desire for the development of the whole-child, PASS4LIFE’s Whole-Life Development Program is created to continually be ready in meeting the demands of educating (preparing) the mind and heart of our young generations.

At PASS4LIFE, through #TheWholeLifeDevelopment Program, we strive to design and deliver life preparations education to prepare our young promising generations for life purposes. And to ensure that they receive full experience, #TheWholeLifeDevelopment program titled Developing the 6 Critical Whole-Life Capabilities for Sustainable Success, will create a platform by which individuals who engage with this program are given opportunities to develop their potential capabilities in areas such as:

  • Readership Development: the capability to develop creative and critical thinking mind.
  • Leadership Development: the capability to build character strength, lead oneself exceptionally well and influences others positively.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: the capability to see, create, provide, manage and profit from “value” opportunities calling for attention within and around.
  • Partnership Development: the capability to connect with, communicate with, collaborate with and contribute with others.
  • Stewardship Development: the capability to commit and keep promises.
  • Citizenship Development: the capability to become enlightened and contribute to nation building.

These six [#WholeLifeDevelopment] areas will form the framework to help our young ones have a well rounded foundation for Sustainable Success in all areas of their lives. By giving them the opportunities that challenges them to reach their potential, extra-curricular opportunities that broaden and sharpen their interest and skills and an enabled environment in which to learn and grow. PASS4LIFE students will leave the program ready to confidently grab the opportunities and overcome the challenges of the global world.

PASS4LIFE’s #TheWholeLifeDevelopment Program is not a class. It is not a club that meets after school. It is a way of thinking that directs the program we offer and how our student learn. It is a way by which we can enable our students develop the essential capabilities, have self-confidence and skills they need to thrive in a global world. #TheWholeLifeDevelopment Program will ensure that PASS4LIFE students are given the opportunities to learn, grow and achieve sustainable success in life.

According to Stephen R. Covey, he said, “If you want to make a whole lot of contribution, you’ve got to make a whole lot of preparations.” This article is part of the preparations that PASS4LIFE has in designing and delivering #TheWholeLifeDevelopment Program for the purpose of Raising Highly Capable People Everywhere!

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