The Nigerian Youth Can Still Change Something

In line with Abiola's article on ''These Youths Will Change Nothing'', it is dishearten that majority of our youths, our tomorrow's leaders, are exhibiting 'undesirable' traits on social media. And the self-proclaimed 'radicals' are tweeting against others faiths and those who are suppose to gain knowledge and become involve in bettering our societies are abusing the net morally. And these youths, … [Read more...]

Nigerian Deplorable Educational System and Nigerian Students’ Achievement Challenges

Professor Babs Aliyu Fafunwa, a former Minister of Education (who is late now), once assert where he seemed not satisfied with the state of Nigeria education as standard and quality keep falling. He believes that Nigeria's education system needs to be reviewed, in other words, it needs to be re-engineered to meet up with 21st century challenges. Now, the challenging question is, how do you … [Read more...]

Welcome to Sustainable Success Guide for Effective Young People!

I'm pleased to welcome you to PASS FOR LIFE, an educational resource blog dedicated to empowering and equipping you for sustainable success. To bring you information [teachings and tips] that you can use to step up to a new level of success that endures, I've made them simple, relevant, rich, accessible and applicable. If you feel that school is not really preparing you for the real world; or … [Read more...]