How To Win with People

What does it take to win with people? What does it take to have GOOD RELATIONSHIP? All life's successes can usually be traced back to people that comes from initiating relationships with the RIGHT PEOPLE. So also is, life's failures can usually be traced back to people that comes from initiating relationships with the WRONG PEOPLE. The bottom line is this: YOU CAN TRACE YOUR LIFE SUCCESSES … [Read more...]

How to Maximize the Moment of Choice

A Moment of Choice is a Moment of Truth. It is the testing point of our life—our conviction, our character, and our competence. Considering some of the factors acting on us in the Moment of Choice: urgency, the expectations of society, our own expectations, the expectations of others, our deep values, our experiences, our self-awareness, our conscience, our fundamental needs and our wants. With … [Read more...]

How to Maximize the Twin Forces That Shapes One’s Life

What determines the difference in human actions or behaviour? The answer to this question is that human beings are not a random creatures; every thing we do, we do for a REASON. We may not be aware of the reason consciously, but there is undoubtedly a "Single Driving Force" behind all human behaviour. This force impacts every facets of our lives, from our personal and relational to professional … [Read more...]

6 Ways How to Change Your Thinking

Most people who don't feel content with their lives don't know the reason why. Often they suspect that circumstances or other people are to blame. Even honest and self-aware individuals who know the problems lies INSIDE of them still may have trouble getting to the root of the issue. They ask themselves, "Why am I this way?" They desire to change, but they don't do anything differently so that … [Read more...]

How Our Nigerian Students Can Be Prepared for Life

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow. But with the kind of school system that is run in this country, how well are our students REALLY prepared for the realities (challenges and opportunities) of today and of tomorrow? Being [young or] a student is both rewarding and challenging. And the challenges students’ face are tougher than they know and whether they like it or not, the choices they … [Read more...]