10 Sweet Smell of Successful People

There is a saying, "A successful man is a man whom success found ready." Here are 10 Sweet Smell of Successful People Successful people get to know themselves. They examine what they enjoy doing, what talents they offer others and work hard in whatever is meaningful to them. They get to know their skills and happily pass them to others. Successful people have standards. Too often … [Read more...]

Why I Created this Sustainable Success Brand: PASS4LIFE™

When I was going through my archives (consist of notebooks that contains bits of ideas that took me way back when I started on this journey), I came across some ideas I wrote down about how and why I created a Sustainable Success brand called PASS4LIFE™. Though, they were not as concise as it is now. I've worked on them for years (i.e. since 2006) to be precise and concise; creating the brand and … [Read more...]

The 6 Critical Life Skills We Need to Develop in Our Children

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow no doubt. But how well are they REALLY prepared for life? How well are they really prepared today to navigate the challenges and grab the opportunities of tomorrow? In fact, how well are they prepared today to become the leaders of tomorrow? Far too long, we've neglected educating (preparing) our children to become highly capable individuals. … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Achieve Academic Excellence as a Student

Being a student is both rewarding and challenging. The rewarding part of being a student is in achieving academic excellence. While the challenging part has to do with the choices you make to develop the capabilities in achieving academic excellence. And these choices can make or break the rewards (of academic success that endures) you seek to achieve as a student. Here are 10 Ways to … [Read more...]

How To Set Priorities

Dr. Edward Banfield said, "Men and women who were the most successful in life and the most likely to move up economically were those who took the future into consideration with every decision they made in the present. The longer the period of time a person took into consideration while planning and acting, the more likely it was that he/she would achieve greatly during his/her life." The … [Read more...]