Do you want to Make Valuable Difference that is influential and impactful?

Do you want to Achieve Breakthrough Results that is sustainable and balanced?

Do you want to Become Highly Capable Individual, an individual who is unique and useful?

Do you want to Build Essential Capabilities that alters your beliefs and enhances your behaviours enabling you become highly capable for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS?

In fact, do you want to Become Effective and Achieve Effectiveness™ in all areas of your human life?

If your answer is yes, then this branded [transformative and innovative] education solution platform is created where you come to unlock and unleash your potential capabilities for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS [becoming effective and achieving effectiveness].

Becoming Effective is not optional in today’s world. In fact it is the playing field of entry towards achieving [human] effectiveness.   Achieving Effectiveness in all areas of human [personal, social, organizational and national] life as well as at school, at work and at home, can seem difficult to achieve.

Those who seek this kind of SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS tend to ignore the natural laws that govern the achievement of such success. And due to this ignorance, most people are unable to and their potential capabilities are undermined in achieving SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS in ALL areas of their human life.

What is PASS4LIFE?

PASS 4 LIFE LogoPASS4LIFE™ is a Sustainable Success Solution platform that is designed and delivered to enable people achieve sustainable success for life by teaching them how to become effective and achieve effectiveness™.

It is a transformative and innovative program and product that is offered with a principle-based curriculum and research-proven resources. It offers pragmatic teachings, tips, and technology for producing breakthroughs—a series of logical, sequential and balanced steps of which SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS becomes possible and achievable.

At PASS4LIFE™ we believe that inherent within every individual is the potential capacity/capability for possessing the prize of greatness and effectiveness is its paying price of entry.

That is, we believe people with the potential capability for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS [becoming effective & achieving effectiveness] can realize their potential (if empowered and equipped adequately) to step up to a new level of a great life. It is this inherent need to enable this potential capability [within every individual at school, at work and at home] for Sustainable Success that gave birth to PASS4LIFE™.

We believe greatness is possible. We also believe SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS is achievable. We believe also that everyone (if enabled) can Become Effective and Achieve Effectiveness™ if they Choose to. That is, anyone, including you, can develop the inherent potential capabilities and achieve SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS if you are willing to put your effort and ability to commit to its timeless principles and tested practices governing it and of which this branded Sustainable Success Solution platform provides.

That is why PASS4LIFE™ exist as an education and training enterprise to enable people, one individual at a time, BECOME EFFECTIVE [build essential capabilities and become highly capable] and ACHIEVE EFFECTIVENESS [achieve breakthrough results and make valuable difference they are capable of making] in life.

So if you desire or aspire for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS as in Individual and as an Institution you represent, then this pragmatic [transformative and innovative] education platform is for you. All you have to do is sign up to get started to become effective & achieve effectiveness™ in life.

About the Founder/Initiator

Ifeanyi_bioMy name is Ifeanyi C. Okolo, a DISTINCT [unique and useful] Nigerian, a blogger and a motivational teacher that is passionate about developing the whole-person of every individual, transforming them from incapable individuals into Highly Capable Individuals. Individuals, who are capable to learn, grow and become leaders of their own lives and achieve Sustainable Success in all areas of their lives.

My passion for enabling People Achieve Sustainable Success for Life™ through Principle-Based Curriculum and Research-Proven Resources has led me to create and become the Chief Distinct Initiator/Facilitator of this Sustainable Success Solution platform: PASS4LIFE™ with the aim of teaching individuals how to become effective & achieve effectiveness™ at school, at work and at home. And this, I believe, can be done through the delivery of a principle-centered teaching, tips and research-proven tools that is affordable, accessible and that users can trust.

I’m a graduate of Imo State University with B.Sc. in Sociology. I was the Governor of Book Revolution Family, a reading campaign and book club at my school where I was responsible for organizing readership programmes and regular leadership strategic sessions. I also serve as the Chief Spokesman of my school BRF.

I was a volunteering member at STRAP-UP NIGERIA, a Street Transformation Project and later at VANNYCOLE FOUNDATION where I was the Head of Media and ICT of the Project S2 that was created to put strategy and structure behind the foundation for bettering lives nationwide. I was responsible for the presentation, documentation and the online “social” presence of the project and foundation.

I believe one without God is nothing. I also believe that one cannot do anything of real value alone. I value people, service, teamwork, personal development and creating profound knowledge [intellectual properties that can be leverage in the form of project brands to enable People Achieve Sustainable Success for Life™].

I believe that inherent in you and I, is a potential capability for greatness. And greatness can be achieved through effectiveness. And that’s why I’ve created this branded Sustainable Success Solution platform: PASS4LIFE™ to help people who desire Sustainable Success to become effective and achieve effectiveness™ in all areas of their human lives. I believe in the NIGERIA Project, where every Nigerian can start in their own little way to model the Nigeria Dream and contribute to nation building that brings about growth, change, progress and betterment of societies.

I believe a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. And I know I’ve taken my own step in creating a branded education solution platform: PASS4LIFE: Helping People Become Effective & Achieve Effectiveness™ to contribute my own quota in helping young people achieve sustainable success for life™ at school, at work and at home while providing them with the transformative teachings, tips and innovative tools to be prepared and capable to navigate through the challenges and grab the opportunities of life.

Finally, I envision becoming an authority while partnering with individuals and institutions on Education Improvement Projects that will enable us use the opportunities we have in education to really make a BIG-POSITIVE IMPACT in the way we educate (prepare) our children for the global world while bringing Total Development of the Whole-Child and Total Transformation of our education system.

So help me God!