The 6 Critical Life Skills We Need to Develop in Our Children

 Life Skills

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow no doubt. But how well are they REALLY prepared for life? How well are they really prepared today to navigate the challenges and grab the opportunities of tomorrow? In fact, how well are they prepared today to become the leaders of tomorrow?

Far too long, we’ve neglected educating (preparing) our children to become highly capable individuals. Individuals, who can think for themselves, take responsibility, be tolerant and respectful and work with others in creative ways. In fact, individuals who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, value providers, team players, promise keepers and nation builders.

The education we offer can no longer be about only academics and test scores. As important as those are, we can’t forget the total-development of the whole-life of our children. We can’t forget to give our children the 6 Critical Life Skills™ they need to survive and thrive in a fast-changing and challenging world.

PASS4LIFE 6 Critical Life Skillsfor Sustainable Success

…needed by our young ones to survive and thrive in a fast-changing and challenging world are:

* Readership: the capability to develop creative and critical thinking mind.

* Leadership: the capability to build character strength, lead oneself exceptionally well and influences others positively.

* Entrepreneurship: the capability to see, create, provide, manage and profit from opportunities calling for attention within and around.

* Partnership: the capability to connect with, communicate with, collaborate with and contribute with others.

* Stewardship: the capability to commit and keep promises.

* Citizenship: the capability to become enlightened and contribute to nation building.

These 6 Critical Life Skills™ by PASS4LIFE that is central to the WHOLE LIFE education process of our children, has been lacking in educating [preparing] them for life. We need to help our children develop these 6 Critical Life Skills™ by providing them the opportunities [trainings, technologies and tools] for them to do so.

It is CRITICAL to provide these opportunities at school and at home even at work [where they are going to be employed] because the development and improvement of these life skills is very vital for their SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS achievements both at school, at work and in life.

Now the question is how can we as custodians help our children develop these skills? How can we provide them the opportunities to develop these skills?

The PASS4LIFE 6 Critical Life Skills™ Course is the answer! With our principle-based curriculum and research-proven resources built around the PASS4LIFE Methodology™, we can help our children by providing them with the opportunities to develop these skills while PASS4LIFE partners with individuals and institutions nationwide to deliver the content.

According to Dr. Stephen R. Covey, he said, “Children are not raw materials to be packaged into products for the marketplace. Each child brings distinctive gifts into the world and the power to choose how to use those gifts. The job of education is to help each child to succeed at maximizing their potential.”

I agree with him. And that is also among the purpose of PASS4LIFE through the 6 Critical Life Skills™ Course: to make our job as custodians easy in helping each of our children succeed at maximizing their potential today and becoming DISTINCT Individuals™ [readers, leaders, entrepreneurs, partners, stewards and citizens] of tomorrow.

Your Turn!

Wouldn’t it be great to see our next generation have these life skills developed in them today as they become leaders of tomorrow? Your comments are welcome if you would like to bring PASS4LIFE‘s 6 Critical Life Skills™ to your children.


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