4 Ways to Break Through Procrastination


When faced with too many decisions, your natural inclination may be to procrastinate—or perhaps you fear making mistake. Don’t beat yourself up (that can be a way to delay action further); lots of people face this problem.

Decisions that would normally roll off your back become more involved when there is too much decisions to make—and chances are, there is too much decisions for you to make.

Here are list of ways to break through the procrastination that obstructs your decision-making process:

4 Ways to Break Through Procrastination

  1. Face procrastination head-on. What is blocking you? What is the real reason you don’t want to choose? Write it down. This exercise alone may dislodge something and help you decide.
  1. Choose to easily begin. Make a positive affirmation yourself: “If I can easily make this decision.” This affirmation has power and is often enough.
  1. Find the easy point. Ask yourself, “What are three to five things I could do to progress toward the final decision without actually tackling it head-on?” Then initiate these “easy entry” activities. Often, they are enough to get you fully involved.
  1. Set up your desk for decisions. Set up your desk to enable you to focus on the decision at hand; ignore others (less important) matters. This might involve neatly arranging your desk. Working at a clear desk leaves only the issue at hand in front of you.

Most of your decisions will have only a minimal impact on your life; don’t let the fear of being wrong shackle you unduly.

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